Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekend with the Scott Family!

One of the worst parts of moving to Houston was having to leave the Scotts behind. But in all the details He had planned, God worked that one out as well.

When we moved up to McKinney I wasn't able to see Stephanie as much anymore. Biggsy and Wes still met for breakfast, but Stephanie and I had a hard time getting together. With kids in school it was just difficult. We still saw each other at church and whenever else we could, but life was crazy.

I do think that was part of God's great plan. A way to kind of wean me off that time with Stephanie -- something I needed. Going cold turkey would have been too hard.

Stephanie and I have a friendship that has been through the Refiner's Fire more than once. When Kait and Ransom were little, they were either at her house or mine. Kait even called her "Mama" for awhile. When one of us would take them to Sam's to buy groceries, people would stop and comment on how cute our twins were -- they did look just like twins. And they still do.

Kait and Ransom were like Peas & Carrots.

I was there when a pregnant Stephanie had to slide down a mountain on her butt -- the last day of her trip to Keystone. Well, by "there" -- I was at the bottom of the hill watching and grinning the whole time.

She and Wes were on deck when Biggsy OD'd on a cough syrup cocktail mixed with cough drops and landed in the emergency room at 2:00 a.m.

I was the photographer when each of her boys were born -- moments so powerful I'll never be able to explain.

She was there when I buried my Mom.

This weekend, McKenlee's team was competing in the DI competition here in Cypress -- about five minutes from our house, so the whole Scott clan moved in for the weekend. And boy, did we have fun! As if Kenlee's competition didn't add a crazy enough element, Abs and Kait both had softball games -- five hours apart.

The kids didn't miss a beat. You'd think they had seen each other last weekend -- rather than it being almost two years since they'd spent time together. They just picked up right where they left off!

Here are The Twins....

The Whole Crew....

Abs & Kenlee. These two played puppy and zoo and everything in between all those years in Plano. Still good friends after all this time!

I LOVE this picture. It's not as sharp as I wish it was, but it's the companion picture to one I took at the Dallas Arboretum years ago. In that one, Abbie & McKenlee are walking down a path. I need to get this one in a frame as well.

We definitely did not have enough time with our friends and are hoping they can come back soon!

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