Friday, April 10, 2009

Something's Missing....

By far, the Big Weekend Award goes to Kaitlyn. Friday night, while Kenlee & Stephanie went to a pin party, Wes, Biggsy & I took the rest of the gang to Nestle's. While there, I realized I hadn't checked Kait's teeth lately to see if any were loose. So I checked, and what do you know.... The bottom front left (her right) tooth was a bit loose!

So I told her and she got all giddy. Kait was beginning to think she'd be the only First Grader with just baby teeth next year. I suggested she wiggle it a bit from time to time -- just as a passing thought. When we got home, I took this picture -- to MAKE SURE I had one last picture of her with all her baby teeth.

I'm sorta attached to her baby teeth. They're tiny. And shiny white. And STRAIGHT. Straight teeth are kinda like winning the lottery around here.

Saturday afternoon, Steph and I ran up to the Outlet Mall for a little Shopping Therapy, and this is what I found when we got back.....

This is Kait doing her darnedest to lose that tooth before school on Monday. She's got it so loose that it's barely hanging on. Just one thing... The tooth she is messing with isn't the tooth that was loose on Friday. This tooth wasn't even loose yet. But this is one determined little girl!
Saturday night, right after she went to bed, Kait pulled that tooth! And something pulled at my heart-strings. My baby is growing up!

But that wasn't enough.... By the time she got home from school on Monday, she'd pulled the other tooth as well! How cool is that??

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