Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not Quite a Blogicane, But Hang With Me....

We really have had a crazy couple of weeks around here. I'm not even sure where to start.

For one thing, God has called some of the "good ones" home in the last couple of weeks. Our dear friend Bill Tolar was first. Bill went to church with us at Pitman Creek in Plano. He and his "bride" as he always called her were such a blessing in our lives. He would go head to head with Biggs and the other guys -- and give them a run for their money. He always had a lovely smile and a warm hug. He genuinely cared about us and checked in on us from time to time after we left. He'll be missed.

Last week Biggsy's Aunt Thelma was called home as well. She was 93 and ready to go. She'd lived a long, full life and was an excellent example of how a Christian woman should be. We loved her and will miss her -- and her pies!

And then, over the weekend, we lost a staff member at Keith to heart attack. Sandy was in her 50's -- young. She leaves behind a 19-year-old daughter who has a baby. Sandy's other daughter is autistic. Please pray especially for Sandy's family and the challenges ahead.

With all of this going on, I managed to sub a record 8 days straight. That may not seem like a lot to you, but it was all in Kinder. I was in a mix of classes, which was good. But I think I've lost my title of Fairy Submother and have become the Wicked Submother of the West. By yesterday afternoon I was depleted of energy -- and had run out of threats to use. I needed a mental health day like nobody else.

I just realized this post is going to be anything but chronological -- bear with me, please.

With all of this going on, we finally got the yearbook finished and sent in. I know of one mistake -- but am not stressed about it. Just a picture that ended up in the wrong class page. It's such a huge task! I'm so glad the production side of it is done -- and can't wait to see the finished product!

And with all THAT going on, I had to make Kaitlyn's costume for the Kindergarten musical. It's called EIEI-Oops! Praise God she was cast as Mrs. Old MacDonald. I have one dear friend whose child has to wear a mule costume. YIKES. I'm in the process of making Kait a blue and white calico dress with a blue apron and a blue and white gingham bonnet. There is no way I can convey how cute it all is. But I'll be posting pictures as soon as I'm finished. Kait has three lines to say in the play, so we've been working on those.

With all of THAT going on, we finally got the answer to Kaitlyn's GT appeal. She's in!!! I can't tell you how excited and relieved I feel. I think this is going to be GREAT for Kait! And I can't wait to see who her teacher will be next year.

So.... That's all the non-picture news... Now comes the fun part!

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