Thursday, April 16, 2009

Absolutely Uplifting!

A friend posted this on Facebook earlier, and then I followed suit. But I know ya'll aren't all on Facebook, and absolutely didn't want you to miss this.

It's the most uplifting video I've seen in awhile. As a girl growing up in Fluvanna, Texas, watching a movie on TV was always a gamble. We only got three stations -- four if the wind blew just right. But really, Channel 28 wasn't a bonus or anything. It was the same as Channel 12 -- just out of Abilene instead of Lubbock. And we spent many a cold night running outside to turn the antenna. Whoever drew the short end had to run all the way out to the antenna. M'Lys, A'Lise and I would each declare that we had to do that far more than the other girls.

With all that antenna-turning drama, it's a wonder I remember anything we ever watched on TV. But I do. Lawrence Welk on Saturday afternoons was followed by Hee-Haw. We all went into mourning when the Reverend Grady Nutt was killed in the plane crash.

Daddy always watched MASH. MASH is the first show I remember seeing after I got my glasses in the third grade. Until then, I didn't realize how far cinamatography had come. I thought the picture on the TV was supposed to be blurry.

We NEVER missed The Sound of Music. Momma loved that movie. To this day, I can sing every word of every song. So when I clicked on this video, it brought back the best memories. (Well, except for one. Our Aussie, Evant, was run over on Christmas Eve one year -- and we boo-hooed our way through My Favorite Things. When your dog has just died, raindrops on roses and warm woolen mittens just don't do much for you.)

You have to sing along with the video. And if you're really, really lucky, your 6-year-old will ask you to turn up the volume on. the. computer. about mid-way through.


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