Monday, March 23, 2009

Time for a New Story??

I lost Mom's bracelet again today. The one I lost on the 3-Day in 2007. The one that came back. The one I wear every day.

I have no idea where I lost it. Just that I put it on this morning and have been all over town since then. I just walked the outlet mall twice looking for it -- that makes three times total today.

No sign of the bracelet.

I do know that if it's meant to turn back up, it will.

If not, I'm hoping that whoever finds Mom's worn, scratched, slightly-misshapen bracelet will realize what a treasure it is. That they'll read the scripture and know that Isaiah 40:31 is a gift -- a gift to bring them Strength.

In the meantime, I find it interesting how light my wrist feels without that bracelet. Maybe its misplaced weightiness is a sign that I don't need to be weighed down any longer. I can remember Mom EVERY DAY without wearing that bracelet.

I know.... I'm trying to be positive and look for a bright side here. I'd rather have the bracelet.

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Kayren said...

I'm sorry for your pain- both the thought of losing your bracelet and your mom makes my heart hurt for you!