Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sea Center Texas

If you're looking for Free Entertainment, we highly recommend Sea Center Texas. You can make your visit a short one by just visiting the touch tanks and aquariums. Or you can make it a bit longer by adding on a fish hatchery tour. A tour of the birding areas is also a great adventure. Either way, it's all FREE (with the exception of any gift shop goodies your kiddos convince you to buy!)

This program is sponsored by Texas Parks & Wildlife, The Coastal Conservation Association and Dow Chemical. The hatcheries and research conducted by this coalition are largely responsible for the increased Redfish populations all along the Coast.

It's a great visit -- educational and fun. And if you need to add an extra slice of adventure, there's a HUGE Buc-ee's right where you turn off of 288.

To get there, just take 288 south about an hour from Houston. Turn right on Medical (right after that Buc-ee's.) Medical dead-ends at Sea Center Texas. Enjoy!

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