Monday, March 16, 2009

On Hold.....

Kait's debut as a Firecracker is on hold for a couple of weeks -- along with the trampoline, softball, recess and PE.

This morning she fell out of a tree at the Creek. Most of the time you just worry about your kids breaking an arm or leg if they fall out of a tree. But Kait snagged a branch on her way down, and tore a 3-inch gash in her underarm.

She screamed bloody murder.

I was sitting on the pier -- very close by. I got to her and realized there was blood. Upstairs I put gauze on it, told her to hold tight like a thermometer under her arm and issued orders to everyone. My orders were a bit jumbled -- my brain was in hyper-drive.

A'Lise followed in her car. On the way out of the neighborhood, I called 911. The operator is in Bay City. She connected me to Bay City EMS, who had a first-responder meet me at the ambulance barn in Sargent. Kait was breathing okay, so she sent me on to Lake Jackson. And told me the shortcut to the hospital.

When we got to the emergency room, they pulled the gauze off and Kait went ballistic. Tip: wet the gauze with fresh water before putting it on the injury -- it keeps it from sticking. That being said, I'm convinced her screaming and having several hospital employees come running is the reason why we leapfrogged several waiting patients. That, and the fact that we have "Anywhere, Anytime" insurance. Praise God for Blue Cross / Blue Shield.

They got us back and gave her some Tylenol with Codeine to help settle her down. Biggs got there about then and helped hold her down while they deadened the area. She was in a great deal of pain. But it worked, and they put 17 stitches in her arm.

She's sleeping on the couch tonight, and rumor has it that Mimi is bringing a new Webkinz over tomorrow. We are all praising God that she had no muscle or nerve damage. She was very close to an extremely serious injury. But she's going to be okay.

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