Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Beach is Back -- Sort of....

My Mom would have loved these dresses. I love these dresses. For me, they were the ultimate bargain. Bought them at Target for $15 each. I knew they'd look great for beach pictures and bluebonnet pictures and Easter and summer.... Casual, fun, lightweight....

None of that would have mattered to Momma. All that would have mattered to her is that they're made of White Eyelet. That's right. God's fabric. Worthy of capitalization. Somewhere in Heaven, Mom has on a White Eyelet dress -- you can't convince me otherwise. And if it isn't made completely out of White Eyelet, it's got White Eyelet lace on it. Somewhere.

We used to joke that we'd never let Mom make our wedding dresses. For one, she'd insist they be made out of White Eyelet. And for another, she'd be stitching the hem as we walked down the aisle. Those of you who were in our wedding can attest to that. Were ANY of your bridesmaids dresses (outfits? suits? how would you label those get-ups?) finished when you arrived in Old Fluvanna??

We took the White Eyelet dresses down to the Creek this weekend, so we could take pictures on the beach. Now, I have to set your expectations here. This isn't a beach like you'd find in Cozumel or Cancun or North Carolina or anywhere else in the world. This is a beach that until last September wouldn't have passed for much in any beach-snob's book.

And since Hurricane Ike hit last September, causing a 8-10 foot storm surge that stole the sand from our beach, Sargent Beach just hasn't been the same. Sand is hard to come by. There are still seashells to pick up, and that nasty dried black seaweed stuff to avoid, and now there's more trash than ever -- but not much sand.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And we love our beach. Even where we can't walk into the water without landing in mud. Even where the trash is piled.

As you look through these pictures, if you look really close, you'll see all that -- more mud than sand in places. Debris and litter. But don't do that -- it's a waste of time. Look for the beauty. The sand that is there. And the shells. And the seagulls. And the two little girls who absolutely love our beach. Warts and all.

Yep, we survived our weekend at the Creek. Pa and Mimi were there to help make sure everyone stayed safe and sound. Kaitlyn is somehow genetically incapable of sitting still. By Saturday morning she had misplaced her sling -- and it stayed missing until we left today.

The girls had a great time tagging along with Pa, helping clean out the "Shed" that Pa and Biggsy are turning into a bunkhouse. I spent most of my time working on that cross-stitch project I've been rushing to get done.

Our true benefit, though, had to do with the care and keeping of Boomer Biggs. He learned quickly that we'd take him outside to pee every time he got a drink. So by last night, he came in, got a drink and then went right back to sit by the door. He's absolutely precious. And the weekend pretty much wore him out.

This is his way of saying, "Don't look at me. Don't talk to me. If I had sand handy, I'd bury my head in it. But since I don't, I'm just going to take a nap right here."

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JSue said...

Your daughters are SO precious!!