Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Wave of Love....

This week I've had a couple of instances where I've just been flooded with memories. Yesterday Carla and I were talking about Sarah and Callie's basketball game. And all of a sudden, I remembered basketball games at Klondike. Why Klondike, of all places, I have no idea. But I could literally smell what their gym smelled like and could taste the Butterfinger ice cream. That was the first place I ever had Butterfinger ice cream.

And then today, I needed to buy something Barbie for the Softball silent auction. I bought a bride Barbie and a Barbie in a bikini -- and a swimming pool. Immediately, I had this flashback of our old blue Barbie swimming pool. And then some story about Kait Po. and a Barbie swimming pool and a lesson in electricity -- long before Electric Camp.

So today, as I was digging around in my Studio, I ran across this book. I found this book when I was back home at Christmas. Whenever I look at this book, a wave of love just washes over me.

If you read this inscription written by Mom, it tells you a couple of things. First, it was given with love to this little-bitty sprite name Binky. That would be me. For years, they called me Binky. Everyone did.

It also tells you that Daddy gave me this book when I was 2 1/2. About 2 months before my world was turned upside-down by a couple of babies hearafter referred to as "The Twins."

I don't have specific memories of being read this book. I mean, seriously, I was 2 years old. But I do have this overwhelming sense of the familiar as I look at it's well-worn pages. That cow and horse on the inside front cover? It's like they were my best friends in some far-away time.

And these goats.
I remember the bunny.
And I know I LOVED the turkeys. Especially the different looks of the Mom and Dad.

Wave of Love. I'm telling you... It's a gift.
Thanks, Mom.

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