Saturday, February 21, 2009

UFO's Everywhere!

Everywhere I look these days, I see UFO's. No... I'm not going stark-raving mad. Okay, maybe I am. But it's not the little-green-men type UFO. It's the Un-Finished Object type UFO. And they are everywhere in this house!

By and large, the biggest Grandaddy of them all is the Keith Yearbook. But after having spent 20+ hours working on said yearbook in the last three days, I decided my computer and I deserved a break. So I'm spending the day in my Studio figuring out a gameplan for 2009.

That would be a gameplan that takes into full consideration the increasing amount of stress associated with our economy. A gameplan that recognizes my Honey's desire for me to keep my spending as low as possible.

A gameplan that utilizes the gazillion fabrics my Mom and I collected over the years. And a ton of unfinished projects.

Like The Moose. I came to the crashing realization a week ago that The Moose was more than on the Loose. It had completely gotten off the reservation. The Moose is in need of Big Help. I'm going to see if a local quilter will take it on. Most Ideally, I could find someone to do the stretching / basting and then let me hand-quilt it. Another option would be to get her to machine stitch in the sashing. That way, I could still hand-quilt the trees and border. I'll keep ya posted!

Of course, I still have lots of extra trees that need homes.

I have several log cabin blocks that were pieced this fall and long to be a part of "something bigger than themselves."

These four are put together but still need a border. And, of course, it has to be quilted.
The "Who, What, When, Where and How" of this particular quilt top will remain a mystery. I'm sure my Mom knew those answers.

These beauties will someday be a quilt named "Ed." I think he would have liked that.

These blocks are for a certain blond-haired beauty in Waxahachie and are long overdue!

My Mom pieced these blocks. By hand. Many of the fabrics I recognize from my growing-up years. Especially that one on the lower left.

Mom and Granny went through a phase where triangles like these were turned into puffy triangle Christmas wall-hangings. I have all these triangles they cut out, but no idea what to do with them. They're probably up in Heaven placing bets on whether I ever figure it out or not.

These festive prints have a future in a falling leaves quilt. That would be FUTURE. Not today.
These were the first quilt blocks I ever made. It's a Bear Paw pattern, and I kind of fell out of love with it. It's definitely in the UFO category.

American Girl doll clothes in various stages of completion.

This is one of my favorite fabrics. I LOVE this piece. And it REALLY needs a home!

These dinosaur prints are left from Kelton's quilt . I've got to get them put together.

These cabin prints are left over from a throw I made Pa a few years ago. I've been thinking of a certain friend who needs a wall-hanging to put in her family's cabin.

Now this.... I've worked on this off and on for about three years. I bought the kit the winter before Mom passed away. It's an old guy fishing with his Lab. It's more of a "representation" of what it's supposed to be like -- I've made a ton of mistakes. But it's a great take-along project when I need something portable.
Finally, there's this. I bought this pattern, and the linen and floss to do it with, at the same time I bought the Fishing cross-stitch. But this one was supposed to be for Mom. I just didn't get it done.
So that's the scoop.... A world of projects for 2009. Crazy, isn't it???

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jen duncan said...

Oh My Gosh! Well, the good news is you'll have to live to be at least 98 years old to get all this done. :-) Have fun!