Monday, February 2, 2009

Saying Good-bye -- Again.

It seems to me that Heaven is kind of getting more than its fair share of the "good ones" here of late. And much to my dismay, this is turning into somewhat of a tribute blog. This is not at all going according to plan.
Or rather it is. God's Plan.
I found out today that Ed Taylor, of Team Talent Fame, went to be with Jesus yesterday. I don't know the "how" or "why," and frankly neither of those matter. What matters is that he's gone, leaving behind the woman he lovingly referred to as his Bride.
Ed and Sherry shared a love like no other. The hand-holding, big-hugging, light-shining kind of love. Their love was so apparent to anyone and everyone -- from the minute you met them. Ed had nursed Sherry through breast cancer and chemo and all the yuck that goes with it. He stuck by her side through all of that -- and beyond.
I just can't believe he's gone. This man was so full of life, and random sayings, and love and energy. There wasn't a person he knew that didn't love him. You just couldn't help yourself.
I spent some time with Ed & Sherry on this year's walk. Ed loaded his Bride into the Boobie Mobile to take a little break from walking. He wasn't taking a break -- he walked each of the 60 miles. For Her. His Bride. GPS -- check. Camo -- check. Pink "Team Howdy" shirt -- check. And along the way he befriended everyone he met.
I got to cross the Finish line with Ed & Sherry this year. A memory I'll treasure always.
Ed, we're gonna miss you. Our lives are so much better for having you as a friend.

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