Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Great Weekend at the Creek!

We had a great weekend at the Creek this weekend. The Bennetts joined us down there, and Biggsy and Mark hired a guide for Saturday. They took Ethan and Abs with them -- and left Robin and I to entertain Cooper and Kait. Lucky for us, Coop and Kait are like peas and carrots!

Here are the "bigger kids" with Cap'n Gene.

Here's Abs scouting for fish. We would have more pictures of the bigger kids, but Biggsy accidentally left Mark's camera (that went in the boat) at the Creek.

Lucky for you, I had my camera with me! So we have lots of pix of Cooper and Kaitlyn!
They were busy as two bees all day. They climbed the tree in the front yard and declared that they had "assigned seats."
Cooper fished quite a bit. That boy can cast!

Unfortunately, though, he kept getting his line tangled around his fishing pole. And I was having to take time away from my ever-so-important Cross Stitch project. Then, I figured out the problem. Every time he cast the line, he went into Luke Skywalker mode and turned it into a light saber for a bit. It was a hoot!

Once he got over being a Jedi Knight, he tried to see if he could get a bead on the fish in a different way. Aren't boys fun? Our girls would never think of any of this!

Kait spent much of her day washing off the pier and making rainbows!
Swinging took up a lot of time, as did washing seashells we had found on the beach last summer. Kait "invented" this shell-drying system. She's looking for a patent if anyone is interested....
Jake spent his day running up and down the Creek, chasing birds and trying to figure out how to get to a "pretty young thing" (a cute yellow lab) on the other shore!

Here's Abs after a loooooooooong day of fishing. They were out about 10 hours and caught about 15 fish! We sure had a yummy dinner! (It didn't hurt to have Chef Mark along!)

Here are all our peas & carrots. They really do have a great time together.

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