Sunday, January 4, 2009

We're Home!!!

We're Home!!! I wish I could say we'd had the best fishing weekend ever, but well.... I'd be lying. The weekend really started with such promise! We headed to the Creek about noon on Friday -- getting down there with plenty of time for fishing.

Friday was such a bright, sunny day. And we knew we needed to get some serious fishing in because storms were forecast for Saturday.

One minor problem. There wasn't a bait shrimp to be found at any of the four bait shops we frequent. Not a single one. No shrimp means we have to fish with plastics, like "Gulp."

Now... as cute as these things are, I just don't like fishing with them. I mean, I'm kind of a "foodie" and there isn't a part of me can fathom why a fish would take a big, old chomp of plastic. And stink!!! Oh my goodness, these things stink. This spring I accidentally spilled Gulp juice in the hallway of the Fishin' Hut. I was afraid I might get disowned over that one. (If you ever spill Gulp juice on your indoor/outdoor carpet, don't panic -- just pour a bottle of vinegar on it and then spray with Lysol. Worked for me!)

Oops. I digress. Nothing new, right?

With no shrimp for bait, we headed out into the Bay to fish with the stinky plastic stuff. Now.... this stuff comes in just about every size, shape and color you could ever imagine. So it's kind of a crapshoot as to just which plastic thingy the fish are going to like -- assuming they like one.

I switch off every so often and pretty much tried every color we had.

None worked.

Biggs caught a little red on Friday and that was it. Nothing else. We fished several spots in the Bay. No luck. Headed back to the Creek to our favorite fishing spots. No luck.

Friday night A'Lise drove in. She'd never been to the Creek before, so it was time to get her indoctrinated. Biggs did catch a couple of sand trout off the pier.

Kaitlyn's cough was still quite worrisome. She's been coughing since December 17. That's a loooooong time. We had a humidifier running in her bedroom here, but forgot to take it with us. In fact, about the time we cruised through Lake Jackson, I realized I'd forgotten to unplug the freaking thing.

My OCD set in immediately.

I stewed and stewed and finally called Mary and Greg and asked them to shut off the breaker switch to Kait's room. Note to self: I've got to get them a key to our house!!!

A'Lise got to the Fishin' Hut about 12:15, and I crashed as soon as she hit the door safely!

Saturday morning, bright and early, we got up to search for shrimp. None to be had. So we cruised the Bay with bouts of fishing -- Biggsy got a good-sized trout, but it got off the hook before we could get it in the net. Luck was not with us.

Where the water had been beautiful on Friday, yesterday was a mess!! Really rough in spots. But even though the Weather Channel said we were dealing with strong storms, we had an abundance of sunshine. In fact, I'm the only one without a sunburn!!!

The kids aren't up for spending entire days on the Bay, so we headed in about lunchtime. A'Lise and I ran the girls to Lake Jackson then came back for fajitas.

But the evening was JUST getting started.

For one, I've discovered the perfect thing for Kait's cough. Humidity was not a problem this weekend. No humidifier could have produced the 125% humidity we experienced -- especially since the AC is broken and we left all the windows open. But she still needed that extra boost the VapoRub gives her. And I found this:

It's perfect!!! You get the vapors without having a bulky humidifier spitting water everywhere. And you can't trip over it since it plugs into the wall!!! And it's SO easy to use!!! AND it has a nightlight!!!
Before we could put the girls down for the night, though, they had to do a little fishing under the lights with Aunt A'Lise. And look what she caught!!!

This nice little sand trout wasn't her first keeper. I seem to recall a trip to Red River where she was the only one of us that caught any fish. (That was the "camping" trip where she threw up all over the tent AND our sleeping bags, and we got to spend the rest of the trip in a HOTEL!!!)
We did throw this one back -- so he's waiting for you the next time you come to the Creek!!!
Not one to let Aunt A'Lise steal all the thunder, Kait chose about that moment to fall in the Creek. In the dark. I wasn't on the pier -- I was back upstairs. But it was cold, and she was drenched, and she swallowed some water, and I just knew she was going to end up with pneaumonia. But it actually seems to have helped her cough because it isn't as bad today.... Hmmmm.... Was it the salt water??
Oh! And for those who have been bewildered by the lack of TV at the Creek, that's no longer a problem. We have a truly Redneck solution that gives us the best reception we've ever had. Yes, it looks as bad in real life as it does in this picture. But we were able to watch the game clearly last night!!!

The girls go back to school tomorrow. I'm sure Kait will be writing about falling in the Creek and will try to milk it for all it's worth.
Oh, but the coolest gift this Christmas!!! New Neighbors!!! Who are nice!! And "Regular People!" They have a 5th grader and a 5-year-old. So Kait finally has a playmate right on the street who's her age! We're so glad!!!

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