Friday, January 23, 2009

This is Not an Anti-Obama Post.


I promise.

But someone should tell the media that dressing your kids out of the J. Crew Kids' catalog, Crewcuts, is not representative of the working class. It's time to stop praising the Obamas for dressing their kids affordably. In clothes that are "accessible."

Regular, everyday people do not spend that kind of money on clothes for their kids.

At least these people don't.


TexPatriate said...

I would respectfully disagree.

In times when it is considered acceptable to dress small girls in D&G and BCBG like they were young women in college (or streetwalkers when the mother is insane and her kids' "friend"), I think dressing children out of the J. Crew catalog is perfectly fine.

Given the income bracket that the Obamas inhabit, it could be so much worse. (I'm looking straight at you, Ms. "I Spent More on My Wardrobe Than You Did For Your House" McCain & Palin)

You can call me to argue your point. =D

D'Lyn said...

It's too late to call. And I really need to crash, but....

I didn't say that dressing the girls out of J.Crew was out of line for the Obamas' income bracket. (Remember, I'm in the "If you've got it and you want to spend it, it's your money so go right ahead and do what you want" party.) And I didn't say there was anything wrong with J.Crew. I think their clothes are adorable.

I'm just saying the media doesn't have a clue. They were praising the "accessible, affordable" outfits. To the majority of Americans, spending $250 on a coat or $150 on a pair of dress shoes for a child is not accessible or affordable.