Monday, January 12, 2009

Pray for Elise

My heart is so heavy this morning.

My cell phone rang with a sub call just as we were headed out the door this morning -- it put me about a minute behind in an already-behind morning, but I'm good with that. It's a Kinder class I love, and I'm looking forward to spending the afternoon with them.

Then Kait tripped & fell on the way to the bus stop this morning and hit her head on the concrete. So we missed the bus, and I brought her home and put ice on it. This wasn't a good morning for Kait to have an incident. She is testing for the GT program today, and we want her to do well. I'm hoping she can shake it off.

I took her up to the school, and was writing a note to her teacher when another mom came in -- Elise Goertz' across-the-street neighbor. Elise is in the hospital. Probably for the last time. They took her in last night and couldn't find any blood in her blood type. They finally got some this morning, but they've told the people who she loves dearly that they need to come see her.

Here I am, worried about a GT test and whether Kait will be in the GT program, and Bethany is saying goodbye to her baby girl. Long before it's time. It kind of puts everything in perspective, doesn't it???

Please pray for Elise and her family. A prayer of praise that they did get their trip to Disney World and the great memories that came from that. And a prayer for peace and strength and abounding love.

And please pray for the Kinder teacher I mentioned earlier. Lisa Sudtelgte was Elise's teacher last year, and once I heard the news about Elise that call really fell into place. Lisa is very close to Elise's family. It's going to be a tough week for her as well.

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