Friday, January 30, 2009

Pork Butt Friday

Hey! It's Pork Butt Friday. I just like saying that. Pork Butt Friday.

Try saying it really fast three times.

Pork Butt Friday.
Pork Butt Friday.
Pork Butt Friday.

Cool, huh?

I didn't even tell you about my biggest adventure this week. The one that makes me "Da Bomb" as far as wives go.

Remember Spike the Deer? The one Biggsy got at Christmas? Well, he's been ready and waiting in Hamilton for the last couple of weeks, and on Tuesday I decided to go and fetch him.

With an ice storm bearing down on North Texas, no less.

It was pretty much a calculated risk. I was about 90% sure I could get to Hamilton, get Spike and get headed back south before the roads there froze.

But I didn't count on the stop at Buc-ee's for gas and the stop in one of those "C" towns on Hwy. 36 to pee. (My only pee stop in 4 hours, I might add.) When I crossed the bridge over Lake Belton, it was 34 degrees. But as I came through Jonesboro it hit 32. Drizzly rain. Not going according to plan.

It was 29 degrees when I stormed into Wenzel's. I ended up with Spike, some pork fillets, some ground beef, ground bison and bison-bacon burgers. We're gonna have a feast at some point.

I didn't get a pulled-pork sandwich because Tuesday isn't Pork Butt Friday.

What a let-down. I went to Storm's for a burger. It didn't live up to its reputation. Man!

Carla helped plan my route back home -- I cut across to Hwy. 6, so I could avoid the Lake Belton bridge. Bridges and ice are not my favorite combination. Long bridges over big lakes with ice really aren't my thing.

We forgot about the bridge over Lake Waco. But by the time I got there it was back up to 34 degrees, and the drive home was uneventful.

Which brings me to my point.... You knew there was a point in here somewhere, right???

Today is Pork Butt Friday. Simply saying that implies that something special is going to happen, right? I'm thinking I should have a Pork Butt Friday series just like some blogs have Wordless Wednesday or Thankful Thursday. I'm going with Pork Butt Friday.

And believe it or not, something very special is going to happen at my house between 1:00 and 3:00 today. Hang onto your hats -- I'll post pictures!!!

Big Hugs,

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