Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Prayers for Elise....

Bethany's email tonight says Elise hasn't been awake much today. Please continue to pray for them.

While I struggle with understanding why Mom died as young as she did, that doesn't even compare to my struggle with this. I do not get it. Why Elise, who is so young and sweet, has had to suffer so much.

And please pray for the Wingo family as well. Clayton is the student from Abbie's class who also has leukemia. His bone marrow transplant was successful, but he hasn't been able to return to school. In light of what's happening with Elise, I'd be a basketcase if I were his mother's place. Please pray for peace and strength for that family as well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi D'Lyn,
Thanks for giving us this opportunity to pray for Elise. Last night we attended the year-end appreciation dinner for Children's Miracle Network. Rebeckah is ending her year as an ambassador for the Shannon Hospital chapter. We met the 2009 kids and they thanked all of the generous donors from 2008. Some of the families there have had past Miracle Kids...that are no longer with us. Rebeckah handed out some appreciation awards last night. One was to the mom and dad of one such girl who raised over $30,000 in a fundraiser memorializing their daughter. Afterwards, the dad came up to us and thanked Rebeckah and me for such a wonderful appreciaton award. (Rebeckah had painted a picture-- with help from an art teacher--that was framed and given as an award. I just was overwhelmed with emotion--bitter sadness for the loss of his only little girl and yet so thankful that we have not had to walk in his steps. I am amazed by the strength of these families that are given such trials and yet turn their grief and suffering into such selfless and generous causes. Kind of reminds me of my friend D'Lyn... I know you are a comfort to Elise's family and our prayers are with Elise, her family and you.