Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Takes a Village....

Today was a rather crazy day. I subbed in 5th grade this morning and 4th grade this afternoon -- not my comfort zone by any stretch of the imagination. By the time the day was over, I was more than a bit frazzled. The buses were late; things weren't going as they were supposed to.

My class was one of the last to walk out to the buses, and then I lingered in the cafeteria in case they needed help with the last two busloads. I was later than usual getting over to where the girls sit in the "staff" section of the cafeteria.

When I got there, Abbie immediately got my attention with a, "Mom, where's Kaitlyn?"

She wasn't there. The girls in the office said we needed to ask Mrs. Windle if she'd accidentally gotten on the bus. There was a flurry of trying to find Kaitlyn that's honestly quite the blur at this point. I was trying to fight that panic that comes when you don't quite know where your child is -- even though you know she's okay.

About that time, Kait was on the bus, realizing she wasn't supposed to be there. Our bus driver reassured Kait that she would bring her back to school -- and then radioed the school to let us know. Thank goodness Miss Julia is so on top of things.

In the middle of this, I got paged because one of my students ended up on the bus when he was supposed to stay after. What a mess!

They brought Kait to school, and of course she had a good cry. She was a bit scared, but I told her that situations like this are exactly why we live where we do and have her in the school that we have her in. I can't imagine a more supportive place. Everyone there truly cares about the students and goes the extra mile -- every time. There are so many people watching out for Kaitlyn. And that means the world to me.

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