Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Her Own Words....

Last week, Kait wrote about falling in the Creek during Writing Time. Mrs. Windle was so proud of her story, that she sent her to the office to read it to everyone up there. AND Kait got a ribbon!!!

Here's her version of what happened:

one time I fel into my creck! It wus riley cold! I fel in at niht. I onost got pincht biye a crab. But then my dad got me out it wus fresing in the crec I ran upsars an tok a wom dath. I crid. I was luckey that I didn't get pincht diye a crab. it is the nunder one thage that me an my mimi has dun. ubawt an galin of creck water got into my mawth. Abbie evin laft at me. it wusit fun. I was so cold

Watch out UIL Journalism!!! She's coming your way! (In about 10 years or so.)

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