Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Supermom Needs Help

Or maybe cloning is a better possibility??

Could the world possibly handle more than one of me??

I have 5 days of subbing lined up between now and next Friday.

I have a wedding ring that desperately needs to be fixed. Not a single prong on it is pointed in the right direction. Twelve years of constant wear can be tough on a ring.

I also have a house full of Christmas decorations that haven't been put up yet. Some have been "packed" up, but not put up. It seriously looks like we're the ones that just moved here -- not our new neighbors across the street.

AND we have a huge fundraiser for the 3-Day coming up next month. I had a post on here about that for a short time, but there's still some fluctuation in the details, so I took it down until things became more concrete. But here's the scoop....

Studio Movie Grill is launching an incredible ground-up location at City Center in Houston. They're going to give us two theaters' worth of tickets to sell to raise money for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Exact details on the date are pending, but if we wait until it's all nailed down, I'm really going to be in panic mode. So we're running with it.

To help increase attendance and our profits, we're going to have a raffle / silent auction. And what do people want?? Electronics. So I've spent the last couple of days trying to get someone to donate a Wii, TomTom, iPod.... Something.... And while we don't have that Golden Ticket Item yet, we have gotten a ton of support from the community.

Here is the list of what we have so far. All of these businesses are off of 290, between Beltway 8 & Mason Road. If you're in the area, please support these businesses. We have several other donations "pending" but I wanted to give you a "sneak peek" at what we will be raffling / auctioning at our event.

Starbucks -- 1 lb. coffee -- $14 value
Firestone -- Free alignment ($75 value) plus five discount cards offering up to $250 worth of discounts on each card.
LA Fitness -- Two months free membership and goodies.
Academy -- $25 Gift Card
Carl's BBQ -- $25 Gift Card
Newks -- $25 Gift Card
EJ's -- Five "Family Packs" for a Free Large Pizza & 4 Soft Drinks
Randall's -- $25 Gift Card
Cypress Academy of Gymnastics -- Two months of free lessons ($65/month value)
Charlotte Byrne -- 15 1-hour sessions of personal training and a gym bag with goodies ($640 value)
Sharon Vaughn, Pristine Memories Photography -- Free Sitting and 11x14 portrait ($220 value)
Kristin Duncan -- Tastefully Simple Gift Basket
Cissa Newberry -- $150 Mary Kay Gift Certificate

Many of these will be "packaged" together but we'll leave that till the end.

(Note: I won't mention that I was turned down by a local grocery store where I spend way too much money. A grocery store that I prefer over any other because of their oh-so-fresh produce and yummy samples and the fact that they have introduced me to some of my favorite cheeses -- and Honeycrisp apples. And it wasn't so much that the manager said "no" to a donation to the 3-Day. It was that the conversation went something like this....

Her: Our donations are handled from Corporate, but I can tell you we already support your organization.
Me: The 3-Day? Really? (Blank look.) Komen?? (Blank look.) Breast Cancer in General??? (Blank look.) Ummm.... Okay.

What is it with me and salespeople, anyway??)

So, going back to my title.... Supermom Needs Help.

If you own a business, know someone who owns a business, work at a business, promote a business or simply utilize a business and can help us collect silent auction items, that would be great.

Some ideas:
Gift baskets from Arbonne, Homemade Gourmet, Southern Living, etc.
Sessions with a photographer
Spa certificates
Home Depot / Lowe's Gift Certificates
Restaurant Gift Certificates
Hotel Stays
Sports Tickets -- Stros, Rockets, etc.
A golf outing somewhere.
Tennis lessons
Personal Trainer
Houston Rodeo Tickets
Florist Gift Certificates or Free Roses for Mother's Day or something creative

I'm always seeing where blogs give away great prizes. The other day, one blog gave away a ton of computer equipment from HP. And I'm always seeing that one charity or another has a hugely successful silent auction with an autographed Craig Biggio jersey or whatever.

I'm just not sure how you pull that kind of thing off.

Supermom Needs Help.

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