Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home Sick

Kait's home sick today. She's had this cough coming on for a couple of days -- she always gets a cough when the weather changes. Tuesday night I ran the humidifier in her room. Yesterday morning, she said her throat hurt -- I thought it was all the coughing. No temp. Called the pediatrician and they were booked completely. Sent her to school.

By lunch she'd been to the nurse's office. Still no temp. Throat was red but not Strep-y. I gave her some cough medicine to carry her through the afternoon.

In the middle of all this, we had some major excitement in Fairfield. The story varies with who you talk to, but 2-4 hoodlums were in the restroom of the outlet mall doing some vandalism and supposedly gearing up for a robbery. When they were discovered, supposedly one raised his hands in surrender and his pants fell down!!! The other got away.

So things were on high alert around here. Up all school, it was quite interesting to hear all the different versions of the story that were going around.

Oblivious to all the excitement, Kait was just feeling worse and worse. By the time I picked her up she was crying, so we headed right over to that minor care place over by Target.

That place rocks.

Because her little body was working pretty hard to breathe, they did a chest X-ray then put her on an inhaler for a couple of days. And gave her an antibiotic. But no strep and no flu.

So Kait and I are hanging out today. I was supposed to sub for Kinder this afternoon, so I've already done all the errands I would be doing today. So my girl and I? We're just hanging out....

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