Friday, January 30, 2009

Biggs' New Truck

You may or may not know our history of car-buying decisions, but Biggsy and I haven't always done the best job when it came to purchasing new vehicles.

When we met, I drove a big, red, cab-and-a-half Chevy 4x4. The truck of my dreams. I loved that truck. But it had upwards of 150,000 miles on it and thing were starting to go crazy. Like windows that would go down but not back up. And one side of the toolbox had to be welded shut because it kept flopping open.

So I traded my truck for the "cutest" little step-side Ford Ranger. Bad decision #1. I was tremendously short-sighted on this one and didn't forsee the Big Changes that would happen in my life during the next five years.

At that point, Biggsy was driving a big Ford 4x4 -- the truck of his dreams.

Then Abbie came along.

So Biggs was relegated to my little truck with no backseat. And I started driving his truck. (This after about a couple of weeks of driving Amy Depner's Ford Probe because I couldn't climb in the truck post-Abbie.)

Then Grandma Lolly passed away, and I somehow inherited her boat of a car. Red interior. Black exterior. The brackets that held the air conditioner were falling out. But boy's howdy, that was a smoooooth ride.

The week Biggsy graduated from UT MBA, he took my Ranger down and traded it on a Honda Accord. Without me even being there -- and it was in my name! I didn't even know you could do that!

Shortly after moving to Plano, we off-loaded Lolly's boat and got a write-off all at the same time. The Salvation Army even picked it up!!!

Then, and the details are a bit fuzzy here, we somehow ended up with Amber's Chevy truck. We will tell you to this day that that was the worst financial decision we have made in our marriage.

And the worst part?? Biggs sold his big 4x4 (to some guy in a Walgreen's parking lot who paid with cash). He started driving Amber's truck -- no frills with a bench seat that made Biggsy's back hurt. I drove the Honda. And then we added Jake and Kaitlyn to the mix.

Well, THAT wasn't going to work. So we eventually got rid of Amber's truck and bought the first Expedition.

And Biggs took over the Honda.

That brings us to last Spring, when the Aggie Maroon Expedition pretty much fell apart. So right before gas prices sky-rocketed to all-time highs, we traded for my black Expedition.

And Biggs still drives the Honda -- which shakes as it goes down the street and is literally going to fall apart piece by piece -- right in front of Buc-ee's one of these days.

And he envies anyone with a truck.

And he's kind of getting tired of borrowing other guys' trucks when we need to haul something.

So we just bought him a truck on Ebay. It's red -- reminiscent of my much-loved Chevy. The only problem?? It doesn't have AC, so we've had to improvise a bit. Luckily, Dad brought us an air-conditioner to use with the girls' playhouse.

Isn't it pretty???

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