Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

In the interest of that minute chance that I could make things any worse than they already are, I'm leaving out the names and locations on this particular prayer request. That being said, our God knows who I'm writing about, and He'll know when you pray.

When Suzi and I saw a friend of mine in Dallas during the 3-Day, we knew something was up -- she just wasn't herself. She has three young children, and anyone with three little kids would look tired, but that didn't really explain it.

We finally TALKED last night, and she told me her husband was accused of raping a girl in their small town in May while she was in visiting her family in another state. At that time, her husband was a police officer in a neighboring town and was placed on administrative leave while the D.A. tried his best to build a case. He didn't get anywhere -- the charges were bogus. But in the fall-out, his police department fired him because they didn't want to discourage future rape victimes (even though the police chief couldn't find anyone else who had anything negative to say about this amazing young man), and he's having a hard time finding another job with this on his work record.

He interviews with another small town next week. Please be in prayer about this as well. He really is an amazing guy. He was the Valedictorian in his class in HS but chose to fight for our country rather than go to college. He was a sniper in the Marines and was in Fallujah. He lost a lot of friends there. He's already paid too high a price for us.

This young man is incapable of violence -- particularly towards a woman. He's a devoted husband and father. He's exactly the kind of guy you want to have protecting you.

Thanks so much for lifting this young family up in your prayers.

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