Friday, December 12, 2008

So It Runs Big....

So those of you who have been around awhile know I reached an epiphany of sorts in a Dillard's dressing room two Christmases ago. The "Bra Lady" was trying to sell me a 40 DD (Da-Dang!), and I was trying to convince her it was Christmas. I weighed more than I ever had. I weighed more than I ever would again. And there was no way "my girls" needed a 40 DD.

That and some other things were the wake-up calls I needed, and it set me on a road that I'm still travelling down. I haven't reached my destination yet, but along the way I've lost about 18 lbs., worked out with a trainer, gained two biceps and walked more miles of therapy than I ever knew I needed.

So on Wednesday when I ended up in one of my favorite stores and saw THE DRESS, I walked straight to it and pulled it off the rack. At least, I pulled a Medium off the rack. I had to get the sales guy to get the last Small off the manniken. Marched right into the dressing room with the Medium and the Small (I'm on the bubble sometimes.) and tried it on.

Amazing. It is THE DRESS.

Biggy's Christmas party for work is tonight and I needed something to wear. I'd bought three evening type dresses last Christmas for the cruise, but they weren't exactly what I wanted to wear for this.

But this is THE DRESS.

And the Medium looked like a sack on me. And the Small fit like a dream. And I walked out of that dressing room with a swagger in my step.

With THE DRESS over my arm.

And the ensuing conversation went something like this....

Saleslady: Oh, so you're getting the dress?

Me: Yes! I love it! It's perfect!

Saleslady: And you're getting the Small?

Me: Yes! Isn't that cool?

Saleslady: Oh, so it must run big.

Me: Thank. You.


Anonymous said...

Wow- Kinda like a pretty woman moment only not with money. That woman should not be in customer service!! If it didn't sound like you loved the dress and looked great in it I'd say return it and explain just why (b**tchy saleswoman). But, the best revenge is that you'll look great tonight in a small dress that you worked hard to earn!! Congrats!

Michelle McMillan said...

Witch was the only thing that came to mind. Send us a picture. I know you looked great in it.

TexPatriate said...

Just tell her "I get MUCH better tips when I wear 'em tight. And I guess that you do as well."

Then pack up and march your small self out to your car, doing the happy dance all the way.

Yes. I'm evil. =D