Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey guys,
I've been subbing like CRAZY up at school. The teachers are all wanting time for shopping and doctor's appointments and all that goes with it, and I'm more than happy to help out!

However, that means my head has been spinning trying to keep up with everything that needs to be done here.

Today is Candy Day -- the one day a year when I do nothing but make candy. The kitchen looks like Wal-Mart -- brown sugar and Eagle Brand and all that jazz piled high. In the midst of Candy Day, though, I have a few things to ask you to pray for.

First, prayers of praise that Elise Goertz is going to Disney World! They leave this Friday. An Angel has made sure her Gramma could go along as well. She's going to Clinic every day this week to make sure she's ready -- please pray that she feels good enough to enjoy this trip. The leukemia is progressing much faster than they ever thought it would.

John Paul Harris and his family also need your prayers. It's so hard to believe this young, vibrant guy who took my baby sister to the prom has ALS. There are signs that his abdomen and chest are beginning to be affected. They need your prayers. Especially for his two small children.

I also have a somewhat selfish prayer request. As a Mom, it's so hard to see your children be disappointed. We place so much pressure on ourselves trying to make sure that happens. Gymnastics evaluations are this week. Kaitlyn bounced up a level last night and could cartwheel her way up another level tomorrow night. Abbie, on the other hand, struggles with the beam and cartwheels and scored a 62 last night -- three points short of the 65 she needed. She gets another chance tomorrow. Please pray that she'll get those points she needs. And if she doesn't, that she'll be able to shake it off and keep working hard. I know they have to deal with disappointment -- but twice in one week may break my heart!!!

Finally, a HUGE prayer of praise! I don't blog about Biggs being out of town, but last week he was in Amsterdam and Turkey. I didn't sleep a lot -- was really worried about security. But he's home safe! Yea God!!!

Thanks for the prayers!
- d.

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