Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not the Sharpest Knives in the Drawer....

Sometimes we aren't the smartest parents on the block.

Biggsy and I took the girls to the Creek this weekend. We met Mimi, Pa, Alan, Amber, Kodie, Kamy & Kelton down there. We had beautiful weather on Friday. But there was this cold front that was supposed to come in mid-day on Saturday....

So Biggsy, Alan and I took Abbie, Kodie & Kamy fishing in the bay Saturday morning. Kait's been battling a cough, so we left her to help take care of Kelton. It was a bit cool going down -- but really not too cold or too hot. Just pleasant. Spurts of sunshine in a mostly overcast day.

Everyone caught something. I caught a little red and a croaker. Alan ended up with a keeper red and a trout, and Abs boated a nice black drum. And we got back to the house about 2:00.

The rest of the Biggs bunch loaded up and headed home, but we decided to fish some in the Creek. Someone was in our spot, so we headed a bit farther down. No tide, no wind, no fish biting. At all. Tons of mosquitos. After a bit, we headed home.

Remember that cold front? It hit just as we were headed home. Pelting rain. Really cold. Miserable. Ever try to drive a boat in a pelting, icy rain? YIKES. It was a far cry from that time Stacey and I were out in the boat in August with it raining.

We made it home, but Kait's cough is worse today. And I'm dealing with "Mommy guilt." At least we didn't go back out today!

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