Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From Bethany, Elise's Mommy

I don't know how to plug you all into the Care Pages updates for Elise Goertz, but if I could, this is what you would read. Her Mommy just posted this....

"Elise spiked a fever in the middle of the night last night. I rushed her to the ER. She started antibiotics and was admitted to the 8th floor at about 7:30 am. She received blood and platelets today, too. She was in an extreme amount of pain in her whole body. They have her on a pain patch and morphine to keep her comfortable. We aren't sure what the next step is and we are pretty scared for Elise. She really can't walk right now because her legs hurt so much. I had to carry her to and from the bathroom last night and today.

Please pray that Elise's pain subsides and she is able to make her trip to Disney. Or if she cannot make her trip.....please pray her pain goes away and she does not suffer. I just want her to be okay. I love her so much and it kills me to see her hurting so much. I feel so helpless.
God Bless"

Please, please pray for Elise and her family. There is so much sadness there. This is such a precious, beautiful little girl.


beki said...

Prayers are being lifted in West Texas for this precious child and also for your friend and her husband. God has a way of working these things out and I pray His will be done. Our family went to Eside with your Mom and Milton and I attended a recipe/food sale you had at Shelly's.
Please email me at bedenison@yahoo.com and explain the elf on the shelf idea/book/story etc. b/c I have a 7 year old that this osunds perfect for! Thanks

Kerri Schaefer said...

Praying! I have been in this family's shoes. Lost my 19 month old to Leukemia in June of 07. Nothing ever can prepare you for the battle against cancer with a child and nothing can prepare you for their passing. Please let me know If I can help! I would love to read their carepage posts if you will send me thier carepage name!
BTW: I know Jimmie Sue Long from childhood church...


D'Lyn said...

I'm so, so terribly sorry.
Can you see if halfpintelise works?
I just always click on the link they send me.