Sunday, November 30, 2008


You never know when you're going to have the opportunity to touch someone's life. AND sometimes you don't even have to be there to do it!

While we were walking, I gave one of the Tiaras with Mom's picture to Linda Hammett. Linda and her motorcycle, Grace, are part of the Route Safety Crew in Dallas and in San Diego each year. Since I wasn't going to be in San Diego after all, I didn't want my Mom to miss the trip. So I asked Linda to take her. And I told Linda about how I hand them out to struggling walkers and tell them they don't have to walk alone -- that Mom will walk with them.

This is what I just got from Linda....

Well, I didn't have an opportunity to take but a few pictures --- but wanted to share part of your Mom's walk with you.

There were 2 very special ladies walking San Diego -- one was 74 with limited mobility and the other 70 and almost totally blind. On day 1 the first lady was struggling to my intersection, I took the picture your Mom off my motorcycle and gave it to her, told her your story about the picture.

She read the back and smiled -- then continued on. The Route Safety Crew "escorts" the last walker into camp and yes, she was the last walker on day 1. When she saw me, she gave me a big hug and the picture back "to share with someone else who might need the help".

Day 2, the visually impaired walker (with 2 assistants) came across my intersection. She was pretty bushed -- I offered her your Mom's picture with your explanation. She had one of her support crew read the back to her and off she went. Sure enough, at the end of Day 2, she had her support crew find me at camp and give me back "your Mom". So now your Mom will always be part of my "windshield gallery" for as long as I am on route safety crew.

Isn't that cool? And wouldn't Mom have LOVED that sunset???


Jeff said...

The amazingness (is that a word?) of this whole 3day thing never ever ends- Thanks again for getting me involved- that is a truly AWESOME story!!!!!!- Love you Kayren

JSue said...

Wow, indeed. Your Mom must have taken my Mom know, for the whole sunset thing!