Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why I Walk....

I walk because I can't walk away.

I walk because cancer took my Mom from me -- someone so precious. And it left this big, fat hole in my life where she belongs. I walk because things weren't perfect between us for a long time. Life's trials had brought some distance between us. There was no doubt that we loved each other -- but we didn't always get along like we wished we did.

So I walk. I walk to honor my Mom. I walk to show everyone here on Earth that she was LOVED. And I walk knowing that she's somehow with me. She was at that first cheering station last year. And she was at lunch. And she was with us at closing ceremonies. You couldn't convince me any differently.

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Monte-Linda said...

What I am thinkin is how much I am enjoying the pics of your Mom. Carol and I sometimes think of her and comment - Sue was just Sue!

Wanting this to be a good week-end for you and yours.