Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're Going to the Zoo Today, We're Going to the Zoo....

Okay. Not today. I know ya'll have been patient. Here are (finally!) the pictures from Abbie's birthday party at the zoo! Let me just say this was one of the best birthday parties we've ever done! We didn't do the "official" zoo birthday party -- we just went to the zoo with a BUNCH of friends. It was great! We had everyone wear red shirts, so they'd be easy to spot.

Abbie has worn this birthday hat every year since she turned 1!

This was our first trip to the Houston zoo. Wow!!! We highly recommend it!!! One of the coolest features was this tunnel going through the aquarium.

This is Andrew -- one of Abs' best buddies.

Here's the gang with the Asian elephants. You'll note that Kat no longer has on a red T-shirt. That's because we were barely out of the car when we realized bees are attracted to red T-shirts! Kat is highly allergic to bees, and since none of us wanted to use the Epi pin, we promptly purchased a purple shirt for her off the gift shop clearance rack!
I let Abs carry around my camera most of the time, so I have a lot of pictures that are out of focus like this:

But she took this one, and it's kinda cute!

The petting zoo is always the favorite! I think my girls have petting zoo radar!

We ran into Levi & Allie -- Levi, of course, had to pretend to be shy!

Anytime, anywhere we see a Longhorn, Abbie has to have her picture taken with it.
Luckily we had lots of little Aggie friends to help balance that out!
Here's the gang practicing to be flamingos!

The prairie dog town has these cool plastic bubbles where the kids can get a prairie dog view of the world!

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