Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is Just WRONG.

I was just sitting here listening to the girls fight over the two remaining Eggo waffles, and arguing over who was going to eat cereal for breakfast. And I was just thinking that subbing up at the school has really messed with my blogging. For one thing, I can't write about my subbing adventures -- other than the occasional mention of someone peeing in their pants. And I'm spending quite a bit of time up there, so I'm not really having that many cool stay-at-home Mom adventures that I can blog about.

And then I found this. And this is just WRONG.

E-Harmony is a Christian-based dating service. And believe it or not, it works! It's based on Christian principals. How do I know so much, considering Biggsy and I have been happily married for over 10 years?

My friends Debbie and Kevin met through E-Harmony. They are both amazing Christians who had a tremendous impact on my becoming who I am today. Debbie is truly filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit. Just about as soon as they met, Kevin brought Debbie to our small group Bible study. And from there on out, we were all a witness to the miracle God brought through their meeting on E-Harmony.

Those Christian principals that are woven into E-Harmony worked.

I'm not too familiar with the whole Gay & Lesbian thing. Frankly, it just baffles me that anyone would choose to go that route. BUT.... one thing I know for sure. Choosing that route is not a choice based on Christian principals. The Bible is very clear on that. There's no gray, muddy, what-do-you-think-that-verse-means stuff going on there. It's VERY clear.

If you have a business that's based on faith, you should be able to run it based on faith. This isn't discrimination against minority groups that God created -- this isn't discrimination against Chinese or Africans or other groups. This isn't refusing to sell milk or eggs or clothes to someone who's "batting for the other team." The simple fact of the matter is, E-Harmony is being asked to compromise what they do and their faith to cater to a group that's not following the Biblical principals E-Harmony adheres to. The fact that our government is allowed to force businesses to do just that is a clear example that we have REALLY screwed up.

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