Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thanksgiving

This is going to be quick because I haven't even started my Sweet Potato Casserole yet!

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for...

My Heavenly Daddy.

An amazing husband who has become more to me than I ever could have imagined.

Abbie, the animal-lover. This child who has a heart as big as Dallas and genuinely cares for all of God's creatures, large and small.

Kaitlyn, the cartwheel-turner. A little bundle of boundless energy, determination and spirit.

That my Mom was around to wish me "Happy Birthday" for 36 years.

For a precious mother-in-law, Jacquie, who has always been more of a treasured friend than anything else.

For Pa, and the jet-ski I just know he's going to get us eventually!

For Milton, who was my mother's protector and best friend until the end.

For Granny Nelva, who has been my mentor and rock all my life.

For my Dad, who taught me that hard work was "just the way we do it." That we don't work hard for rewards. We just do it because it's what's right.

For A'Lise, who takes pleasure in spoiling the girls.

For M'Lys, who keeps me grounded.

For the women (and man) in my life who joined with me in taking a bold step against breast cancer -- this fight that means so much to me.

For all of our support systems -- the friends and family who donated time and money to make that fight a reality.

For good shoes.

For Dr. Lisch, the man who keeps my feet moving in the right direction.

That my Christmas decorating is already done.

For Newk's Favorite Salad.

For J. Jill.

For Carla Sandusky, who's about as close to being a sister as a cousin can be.

For all my friends who leave me little blog comments.

For all those bracelets and all the time it took to make them.

That we live in a country where I can go all conservative on my blog without worrying about my safety.

Nicole Nordeman.

Rainbows -- Granny's way of saying "Hi!" to the girls!


Friends who I can call at the drop of the hat for prayer.

A dear friend who holds me accountable.


Worship Music.

Pictures of my girls.

That I can just open up six cans of "Sugary Sam" sweet potatoes, add butter and brown sugar and pass them off as "my own."

For Kelly, who encourages me to give the girls experiences I never could otherwise -- and realizes my need to do just that. For her long-standing, never-wavering friendship and love.

For Mary, the "neighbor across the street" that I've always longed for.

That our kids can go to an incredible school, with incredible teachers who love God and love our girls.

That Mom's sewing machine is still working after all these years!

For all of you!


JSue said...


My Mom (Grammy) helps God with the sunsets...

Love ya girl!!!

D'Lyn said...

The day we buried Mom, we came off Browning Hill on the way back to the house, and there was a beautiful rainbow. We could see all of it -- not just part. And we decided right there and then that must be Granny letting us know she was okay!

JSue said...

She is okay...and it's good to know my Mom has a great lady to visit with while she awaits the rest of us to join her.

TexPatriate said...

Daddy still sends me shooting stars. Not often, just every once in a while.