Friday, November 21, 2008

Please Pray for Elise Goertz and Her Family

Last fall and spring, we spent a lot of time on this blog praying for little Elise Goertz. For those of you who weren't around here back then, Elise was battling leukemia for the third time. She had previously had a bone marrow transplant, courtesy of her brother. And then last November after spending just a couple of months in kindergarten at Keith, she relapsed.

She had another bone marrow transplant during the winter, and was 100% donor. That was a good thing, but she still struggled with her appetite and feeling better and all that jazz. She was able to start 1st grade this fall. But the germs at school were just too much for her, and they had to pull her out of school.

She's been struggling with anemia lately, and they did a biopsy yesterday just to rule out the leukemia.

It's back. She's relapsed. She doesn't know, and they aren't going to tell her until they have to. But her Mommy knows. And her heart is broken.

Please pray for this sweet family.

Right now they are trying to get her a trip to Disney World. Unfortunately "Make a Wish" turned down their wish this summer. So now Children's is trying to find another way to get her there.

Please pray with expectation that that will happen. That her family will have this chance to add Disney to their lifetime of memories -- for this child whose lifetime is going to be far too short. That even if Children's can't find a foundation to make this happen, there will be someone, somewhere with a heart big enough and pockets deep enough to see that this Princess gets to visit the Castle.

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