Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lights, Cameras, Action!

This is the first year since we moved from Plano that we've gone all-out putting lights on the house. When we were in McKinney, it was just too much. We weren't done unpacking, weren't sure if we should unpack, and Biggsy was way busy at work. Last year, we weren't done unpacking, I was dealing with way too many emotions, and Biggsy was way busy at work.

Luckily, this year, I'm done unpacking, my emotions aren't such a roller coaster, and while Biggsy is still way busy at work, it's manageable. We borrowed a ladder this last weekend so he could put lights on the house. WAY too much work for one little string of lights.

This is what we've got so far -- but hold on for more. We've got a ton of lights still sitting here that haven't found their purpose yet!

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