Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Facebook is T.R.O.U.B.L.E.!!

Being a rather conservative Christian, I've been aware of warnings of the "dangers" of Facebook and MySpace. They'll lead you down the wrong path as surely as dancing will.

But I think that's a bit misleading. Sure.... Some of the people who claim you as friends might be a bit "iffy." And whoever knew they'd be waiters in restaurants that cater to the "over the rainbow" crowd. And what's up with Biggsy having a camouflage model for a friend? Or the chick he went to school with that's "looking for women?" (I know... I'm using all his friends for examples, but mine are so Normal!)

But that's neither here nor there. The danger in Facebook is the ability to complete embarrass your friends! People have been posting pictures and video of Biggsy for awhile now, and I've rather enjoyed it. Until this week. When pictures of me in Junior High! arrived on the Facebook front. YIKES!

And then there's the whole time factor. It just sucks you in! Before you know it you're tracking down your old boss or your first date or trying desperately to find someone who was uglier than you in Junior High, so you can post pictures of them!

And then there's the whole "oops!" factor. I don't recommend logging onto Facebook when your kids are underfoot and you can't really pay attention. You might end up "outing" a friends "looks natural but never has been" blonde hair. Or the fact that someone works in one of those "over the rainbow" bars!

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Misty said...

well said. Its all very true. i have never really done anything when drunk or when im not all there on myspace. but it gets me emotional sometimes when "friends" dont comment back. and its stupid cuz it really dosent matter. its all crazy. but i use it to keep in contact with family that lives 2000 miles away in NY, i live in Texas. but i so understand where u are comeing from.