Saturday, November 15, 2008

At What Age....

Do you stop getting your feelings hurt when you don't get picked?? I was just talking to a friend about this.

It's something that I certainly have a lot of practice at. Growing up, I wasn't exactly athletic and my goofy-looking phase lasted about 15 years. At least. I wasn't often the first picked and I wasn't always the last picked, but it kind of seemed that way.

I think that's why, any time I do anything I am so determined to involve anyone who might possibly want to be included. It doesn't matter if I'm planning a party or a dinner out or a ski trip, I'm all for including anyone and everyone.

That extends to doing the 3-Day. I would be so very happy if every single person I know wanted to walk with us. Not because they'd want to walk with me, but because they'd know they were wanted.

But today I'm struggling with this. I was passed over in favor of someone else. I don't get that decision at all, and I'm quite dumbfounded. AND my feelings are hurt. They are.

When does that stop? When I'm 80??

I try so hard to teach my kids to brush it off and not let it get to them. But it still gets to me....


JSue said...

You are not me.


Anonymous said...

Hey, D'Lyn!
I don't know what has happened...but I do know--I PICK YOU! I pick you for my friend. I pick you for my cheerleader! I pick you for my hero! I pick you for the bar I would love to some day raise myself to! I pick you for your wisdom and advice! I pick you for your inspiration! I pick you for your wit and your good Fluvana raisin'! I pick you for a model for my kids! I pick you for my shopping buddy--even if it has to be on the phone with you telling me what you are seeing at the store because we are too far apart to shop together in person! I PICK YOU!
Love ya!