Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You're a Princess Because....

Hey ya'll!
I was just sitting here thinking about the beautiful jewelry that Tricia designed for us, and I wanted to share something with you. When I was coming up with Team Tiara as the name of our team, I wanted to go with something that would glorify Christ. There are a lot of team names out that would have been a hoot -- "IBTC" (although it really doesn't apply in my case), "These Boobs were Made for Walkin'," you get the drift!
But I wanted something that wouldn't offend anyone that I hold dear -- and that would glorify Christ.
In our house, we talk about how we are all Princesses because we are ALL daughters of the King. And Princess need tiaras -- right? So Team Tiara works!
So if you jogged on over to Tricia's website today and checked out her jewelry and thought, "That's great, but I'm not a Tiara," you thought wrong. It doesn't matter if you'll spend the first weekend in November walking 60 miles to find a cure or walking 6 steps to the refrigerator. It doesn't matter if you'll be sleeping in a pink tent or in a king-size bed. It doesn't matter if you'll be showering in a converted semi truck or enjoying a spa weekend with your friends.
You. Are. A. Princess.
And God loves you.
- d.