Friday, October 31, 2008

Why I Walk...

I walk for my girls. I walk so they will never know the fear of a lump. So they can grow old and wise and know their grandchildren. So that by the time they are old enough to know what a mammogram is, there will already be a cure for whatever it may show.

I walk for my girls. As an example to them that when life kicks you in the pants, rolling over and playing dead is not acceptable. That you have to work towards your goals -- even though they may seen unattainable. Even if the outcome is uncertain.

I walk for my girls. That someday they will be able to tell their grandchildren about how I took on a task bigger than life to fight for something I believed in. That they will have a story to share about how a little team grew and grew and grew to a point where, as of today, we have raised over $171,000 in three years. That story will be a part of our legacy.

I walk for my girls. The two most amazing children I know. Two children who are still heart-broken at the loss of their Granny. Two children who lost someone so very precious to them long before it was time.

I walk for my girls.

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