Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why I Walk....

I walk for my Mom. And I can't think of a better picture to use of her with Halloween only hours away. She loved this picture!!! Milton went as Juan Valdez, the coffee guy, for Halloween. Mom was his donkey. And she loved every minute of it!!!

That was my Mom -- the woman who could really score when it came to Halloween costumes. The earliest I remember was a polka-dot clown suit when I was in Mrs. Moore's Kindergarten class. There was the giant pumpkin she made for M'Lys one year. And the year she and Dad went as Red Riding Hood and the wolf (Dad borrowed the Borden County Coyote suit for that one.)

What a hoot! I tried to keep up.... Abbie's first Halloween she went as a ladybug. Then a butterfly a couple of years later. That was the year Amber and I drove down to Trick or Treat with Mimi. We made it all the way from Dallas without a hitch, only to have Abs throw up all over the backseat of Amber's truck as soon as we pulled into Mimi's driveway. But we were there!

My Mom loved seeing pictures of the girls more than just about anything else. So for her, here are the Biggs Girls and their Halloween pix.






D'Lyn's Note: Biggs bought the girls' costumes in 2006 while I was walking the 3-Day for the first time. If you'll remember, that was the summer we built the new house in McKinney, moved four times, I walked the 3-Day the last weekend in October.... And we closed on our house the next day. There was no way I was making costumes!

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