Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I Walk....

When we shot the 3-Day commercial last fall and met Stephanie and David Gaworski, we soon realized that the story we would take away from that experience would be the honor of being a part of their story.

Steph had been given 10 months when they discovered her cancer had metastasized. By the time we met her she was on month 9. The cancer was in her bones and liver. When Steph was dying last spring, I really struggled. My Mom's death was still too new, still too fresh. I was so scared for Steph and her husband John, for David and Jennifer.
John just forwarded one of Steph's emails to Amy Stoker and I. The subject line of his email was simply, "Why You Walk."

It is such a deeply personal email, from her heart, that I just can't share it with you. It was a private moment between Steph and her Pastor. But in it she admits something she never shared with us.

She was afraid. She was afraid of dying.

And yes, we knew that. Few people aren't. But it wasn't because she ever said so. It was just that we "knew."

When I looked into Steph's gorgeous eyes last spring, it was like she was trying to memorize my face for forever. She had this strong, strong look. She wanted to hang onto that. And I was the same way. I can still see her face, those eyes.

Steph, in answer to a couple of the questions you posed to your Pastor.....

Yes, I know in my heart God embraced you with open arms and a huge smile. He looked into your beautiful eyes that are as deep as oceans themselves, and he said, "No worries, Stephanie. My child, everything will be okay."

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