Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where in the World is D'Lyn Biggs?

Or: Hair on Fire...

The last couple of weeks have been just nuts around here. Crazy busy. Busy being crazy. We had Anthony down here to do the financial seminar and made about $500 off that for the 3-Day.

The market went south and even I, who never pays attention to that kind of stuff, started paying attention.

Of course, there's the usual Facebook black hole that I'd fall in every once in awhile -- talk about robbing you of your time! YIKES!

I've been up at the school some -- tutoring in Kait's class and then reading to both the girls' classes.

I've been sewing a LOT. I'll get pix posted by this weekend, but my machine has been humming. I've never made a quilt for myself -- am finally making a Christmas tree quilt. It's king-sized and just the quilt top weighs a ton. The top is done, though -- and I'm so proud of it.

The girls have Sock Hop at school on Friday. This is a HUGE deal. They wear their poodle skirts to school all day and then they have a carnival that night. Mary and I have made 10 poodle skirts between us -- four for American Girl dolls and six for the girls. What a mess! Never again!

I've also got three more of those log cabin wall-hangings started. But I had to take a break because..... Drumroll, please....

Mike and Gudren are here! After I've spent MONTHS getting ready for them to visit, they're finally here! And it's so wonderful! Mike's one of those people who just jumps 100% all-into whatever it is he is doing. And it's so fun to watch. The girls were out of school yesterday, so we went to NASA. Mike disappeared for forever -- we thought he might have hijacked a rocket, but he was off learning all about how to research NASA on the Internet. The girls went hog-wild in the kids' learning area and didn't want to leave. We finally got out of there about 3:30 (yes, just in time for rush hour) and went to downtown Houston for a tour of surface streets, skyscrapers, and Rice University.

Today we've got to go check on the RV they are renting tomorrow and then we'll go to the Natural History museum to see the oil & gas exhibit. We'll head south to the Creek, eating lunch at Dido's on the water and then we'll run by and see our little Haven down there. Back up through West Columbia (the first capital of the Republic of Texas) and then home. Mary is getting the girls off the bus this afternoon since there is no way we'll be here yet.

So that's the scoop. Definitely busy around here! Pictures soon!
- d.

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TexPatriate said...

Darn you, D'Lyn.

Now I'm all homesick again.

I just got back from Momma's last weekend, but your description of the Natural History museum and NASA in the Houston area makes me miss my house there.