Friday, October 17, 2008

They Made Like a Cow Patty....

And Hit the Trail....

Gudrun thought that was a hoot when I that to her! (Incidentally, I found out we've been misspelling Gudrun's name for oh, about 37 years. How sad is that??)

We really had the best time while they were here. Biggsy was in Chicago until late Wednesday night, so he really didn't get the full experience. But he did get enough time with Mike & Gudrun to determine that Mike is like a man-version, albeit older, of me. He's constantly got great ideas and really should be cloned for the good of society -- because there is no way he can accomplish all he wants to. I can definitely understand that!

Mike had bought a saddle off of Jane for his horse in Germany. He goes on these long 2-week trail rides all through Europe staying at little Bed & Breakfasts that cater to trail riders. It sounds so cool! But we spent some serious time trying to get that saddle shipped back to Germany. We went to the Post Office -- no idea they no longer do surface shipping. (At every stop, we'd get the big box with the saddle out of my truck, load it on the little red wagon and drag it in. We were a sight!) Mike has a deep-seated desire to avoid sending anything UPS, so we headed over to FedEx. They only wanted $411 to send it. YIKES! So they hit the trail with the saddle on board and are looking for another plan along the way.

I took Gudrun to HEB -- also known as Mecca. Here she is with the German offerings.

Have you seen RV? With Robin Williams? Well, that's kind of how I felt sending them off into the wild blue yonder in their big, rolling billboard. I'm sure the neighbors thought it looked great sitting in front of our house!

Hannah, Abbie & Kait were all set to hop on board for a trip to Florida!

It was sad to see Mike & Gudrun go, but we're thrilled to know they'll be back next spring with their own RV! How cool is that??

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