Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I kind of just deleted that last post / comments. I needed to edit my own comments, but deleted it before I cut and paste it all to a holding pen first.

This is Day 2 in Kindergarten Land. Maybe I could blame it on that???

Above all, I apologize to my dear husband who, I'm quite sure, was very proud of what he'd written.

I'm subbing today and just taking a quick break to run home and do a couple of things while my friends are at PE. No time to write a huge, long post. But we do need some more "meat." So here is something to gnaw on....

Why do they call them apartments if they're all together???

Seriously, I'll be back this afternoon. I've got some more ideas dancing in my head -- I've just got to get back up to the school.

Big Hugs,

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Michelle McMillan said...

Well the only thing I can come up with is: They are "a part" of a real house.