Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy Times....

What a Weekend! And this week already promises to be just as crazy!

The Sock was a blast! Kind of a trade-off for Abbie, though. We let her run around a bit with Hannah, but that meant she's not in nearly as many pix as Kaitlyn.

Abs is doing great at soccer. She's a defensive player and very centered on the ball. When it comes her way, she's extremely focused. She even took out a big girl this weekend -- that girl was in her way, and when Abbie kicked the ball, she kicked it so hard it took big girl's feet out from under her!

After the game, we kid-swapped and took Abs and Kat to the Rice game. We discovered the balloon lady and the face painting lady, and the girls were decked out!

Of course, no game would be complete without a visit with Sammy!

Rice beat Southern Mississippi 45-40 on Saturday. Rice has now beat two teams that beat Arkansas State. Arkansas State beat A&M. And that is part of the reason why Rice is now ranked higher in the polls than A&M. YIKES!! RICE!!! While I'm all for rooting for Rice, it's largely been because I've always considered them the underdog -- and let's face it, their games are a lot of fun. Not crowded. We get to go up to the R Room. We have great seats on the 50-yard-line about 30 rows off the field. We can go on the field before the game. The list kind of goes on and on.
But seriously! They aren't EVER supposed to be ranked higher than my Aggies!

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