Monday, September 22, 2008

Speak the Truth in Love

Ya'll know I got myself in a little pickle via email where while back. It's just that those "Obama is a Muslim" emails and all the other lies that fly around via email drive me nuts. I think we're called to at least activate our brains and try to find out some truth before forwarding those to our entire inboxes. If something like that was true, then by all means, we should all know about it. But if it's just written to play on our fears, let's let them be. There's enough out there to be afraid of without adding more.

Carla Venette found me this article in the Christian Chronicle. I love it. I especially love this part:

I wish someone would make it harder to forward e-mail. Maybe the option could be buried under some submenu on our mail programs.

Or how about this: When you click “forward,” a confirmation window pops up: “I hereby certify that I at least made some sort of token effort to check the accuracy of the information I’m sending.”

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