Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sargent is on the Map!

Well, it's taken a hurricane, but Sargent is on the map! It's been wobbling back and for the last day or so, but Sargent is pretty consistently the point of entry for Hurricane Ike. What this means for us: First, the creek house is right on Caney Creek -- which feeds into the Intercoastal Canal -- right where Matagorda Bay meets the Gulf of Mexico. A big surge up the Creek will affect the house -- how much, we don't know. The "little house" isn't up on stilts, so it would be the most-affected.

The idea of this coming in right there is very disconcerting for me. While it's a sparsely-populated area, in comparison to other areas of the Coast, people live there. Yes, many of the homes down there are owned by weekenders, but there is a solid community that lives and works there. We've grown to know many of them -- especially Wonnie, our librarian, and we know that many of the people who live in Sargent don't have a lot. So please pray for them.

If the storm does track in at Sargent and then comes due north, like they say it will, it's going to pretty much go right over us here. YIKES. Earlier, they were saying the path might be a bit west of us -- more like Brenham. What that means for us is the "dirty" right side.

But really, it's no use worrying at this point. Ike is going to go in somewhere -- and much of this area will be affected to some degree. This storm is so huge and has such a large wind field, it's bound to have some affect on us -- how much remains to be seen.

Please continue to pray for the DeCarlos as they wait out the storm at Texas Children's with Justin. He had some difficulties yesterday when they extubated him, and it was very scary for Danielle and Randy. I can't imagine what it's like for her -- she just wants to jump in there and make Justin feel better -- and can't. They'll be weathering the hurricane in the Medical Center, while their other son, Travis, will be up in Spring. I know it's going to be difficult for them to be apart!

While we're on the prayer list, the Lewis bunch still needs your prayers. Carol had the pacemaker put in, Shelly still hasn't had that baby, and Amy's having trouble getting her chemo treatments done because her "numbers" keep messing up.

I guess things here will just play out however they play out. Kaitlyn's birthday party is supposed to be on Saturday. I'm toying with the idea of moving it to Sunday if we have electricity. I'm thinking that once the storm goes through, everyone will want to get out of their houses -- if they have electricity! If that doesn't work, I can move it to next weekend -- I just kind of hate to do that since it's mine & Biggsy's anniversary. We'll just have to see!

Oh, and on top of everything else, Abbie has strep throat. I guess I have to give back my "Super Mommy" badge that I've been proudly displaying since neither of my kids have ever had Strep. Man! So we have that going on on top of everything else.

What a mess!

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