Monday, September 15, 2008

One Family That Needs Help

You know how I wrote earlier about people down here needing help? This just came from my friend, Amy Stoker. Amy is the "If walking 60 miles is crazy, I don't want to be normal" girl. This is a first-generation message, meaning it hasn't changed hands 50 times. You will not find it on

Hi Friends,
I am writing for help for our friends Klynn, Whitney, Taylor and Addison Lundemo. The Lundemos were our closest friends in Austin, and Taylor and Luke are best friends. I am sure you've seen her picture on our blog! The Lundemos were members of FUMC Round Rock and Whitney is a past council member for Ministry of Motherhood. Taylor attended Council Oak Preschool at FUMC RR as well.

You are receiving this email because you know The Lundemos personally, or it's because I know you have a giving heart.

The Lundemos moved to the city of Seabrook in July this year. For those of you who don't know where Seabrook is, it's just off the coast of Galveston Bay near Clear Lake, Kemah, and LaPorte. They have shown lots of footage of Seabrook in particular on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

Luckily, Whitney and family evacuated before the storm hit. They are all safe and well at her grandmother's house in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, however, they have lost everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. The shed in their backyard is compeletely gone. The corner of their house has been completely torn off. They are not allowed back into Seabrook to survey the damage themselves, but according to a neighbor, there is nothing to go back to anyway. All they have is what they took with them.

I am going to start collecting for a pre-paid Visa card that they can use once they do find a new place to live, but I am also asking for help with clothes for all of them. If you have any used clothing or you go shopping and can't pass up a sale, please consider the Lundemos and their needs.

Their sizes are:
Whitney - Large or 10/12
Klynn - Large shirts, 38x36 pants
Taylor - 5T or 5 girls
Addison - 18-24 months girls

They aren't sure when they'll be able to return home, but they do know that when they do, they will stay with KLynn's parents for a while until they can find a place to live and get back on their feet. You may send everything to me, whether it be monitary donations or used or new clothing for the family. When I asked Whit what she needed, she broke down and said "Everything."

My address is
5675 Worrell Dr
Ft. Worth, Texas 76133

If you plan to send a package conatining clothing, please let me know so that I know to expect it. I will be passing through Round Rock next weekend, but I will have limited space in my car for big items.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me 817.361.0905 or 512.921.5353 (cell)

Thank you for your donations, and most of all for your prayers for ALL of the people effected by Ike.

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