Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kait's Birthday Party!

Kait's re-scheduled birthday party was this weekend. We had about 10 little girls over here to make collars for their Webkins, scream and run around a lot, and attempt to play Twister. Here's Kait with her cake!

I was going for "Ace of Cakes" but think I ended up with Cake Wrecks!
The girls spent Saturday night with Mimi, and she brought them over just in time for the party. Here's Mimi, Kait and Nellie.
Kait wanted party hats for all the Webkins. So they all have mom-made party hats. I rock, don't I??

Isn't she cute?? The girls have worn this same party hat for every birthday since Abbie turned 1.
Here's Kait ripping into Hannah's present.

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Kayren said...

Wow! That's what I have to look forward to?! It seems so overwhelming to see that many girls in one house. And you do rock if you made party hats for webkins and a cake!!!! You are amazing! I might have to hire you as the party planner for all of Zoe's parties : ) Happy Birthday Kait!