Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack!!!

Well, sort of. We got power yesterday afternoon -- but still no phone, tv or internet -- I'm at a friend's right now. Many thanks to all of you who prayed specifically for power yesterday. We got it yesterday afternoon and I have no doubt it was THE ONE who has the true power -- probably aided by a few rednecks threatening to take matters into their own hands if the power company didn't get out here.

I do have plenty of pix and video -- but need to wait till I can upload all of those to my computer. For the Biggs family, we're good. The AC still needs to be fixed upstairs. Biggs is back at work. The girls are out of school until at least Thurs. They are having a blast running back and forth to Hannah's house and playing with Webkins.

As for our neighbors, much of our neighborhood is still without power. I'm sure you've seen more of the devastation on the coast than we have, but what we've seen is mind-numbing. The line to get into Wal-Mart is rumored to be an hour wait -- just to get in, and we're nowhere near the worst of the devastation. Pete and Jacquie are on their way to check on the Creek.

Please pray for the people whose lives are much more affected than ours. I've made no secret of how Hurricane Katrina pulled me up three years ago. Once again, there are millions of people who need help. Whether it's ice or water or support for a family that has evacuated or a home-cooked meal for a first-responder. God has placed in each and every one of you a desire to help others -- now is the time to unleash it.

I listened to John McCain talking about service the other night -- before the hurricane unleashed its fury. He and Obama were talking about all the ways people should serve. It was a timely discussion but one thing was left out. Service doesn't have to be about joining the Peace Corps or taking a low-paying job helping people find jobs. Both of those are admirable. But service can simply be taking the ice and water you don't need to someone who needs it. Or realizing that while FEMA and the Red Cross seem to be taking care of people on the coast -- there are people up here who need help, too. You could very easily be the Ice Fairy who makes someone's day. It doesn't have to be help on a grand scale -- you just need to help.

We love you all and are blessed to have you in our lives. We were blessed to have supportive friends and family that called to check on us and threatened to come get us whether we wanted them to or not. We were blessed to have a sturdy home that suffered no roof damage and only the loss of a tree that I didn't really like. But others weren't so blessed. Now is the time to be Jesus with skin on and show them some love.

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Kayren said...

Sooo glad you are ok!