Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ike: The Nuisance

So the tracks have shifted back north, with Matagorda Bay in the bulls-eye once again. While we are prepared to face the storm if we need to, we'd prefer not to -- for a couple of reasons. For one, Kaitlyn's birthday party is supposed to be this Saturday. If we don't have electricity, that ice cream cake is going to melt!

On a much more serious note, Justin DeCarlo, the infant son of our longtime friends Randy and Danielle, had heart surgery yesterday. He's in the ICU at Texas Children's Hospital here in Houston. The "worst case scenario" storm that the meterologists are wary about could really affect the situation with Justin and the other kids at TCH.

Shelly (Lewis) Bolton is WAY pregnant right now -- due any second. Carol came down about a week ago and ended up in the hospital at Methodist over the weekend with heart issues. They've been doing tests, and at one point thought they would put a pacemaker in. With everything going on in their lives, the Lewis family could use some good news. With the barometric pressure dropping if the hurricane comes in here, Shelly could be naming that baby Ike. Ike Bolton. Hmmm....

It's wait and see for us. We're trying to just keep an eye on things and see how it goes. If you're interested in a couple of really good hurricane sites, you might check out:

Jeff Masters
Eric Berger
Brendan Loy

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